Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Wommack Monument Company in Missouri?

Six Decades In Business

Owned and operated by the Wommack Family since 1954, Wommack Monument Company serves thousands of satisfied customers every year, and has been proven to be a strong and reliable institution.

Southwest Missouri's #1 Choice

Each year, Wommack Monument Company serves more Southwest Missouri families than any other monument company. We get many recommendations from a large customer base that is loyal to us because we are loyal to them.

Everlasting Quality

Only the finest quality granite and bronze are selected for Wommack memorials, regardless of the size or price. The low-quality granite used by some monument makers often contains traces of iron and mica, which can result in long-term rust problems, or lettering imperfections (that too often get patched with epoxy).

No Hidden Costs

Every item we offer is plainly marked with a price. At Wommack Monument Company, there are no hidden costs whatsoever.

Incomparable Craftsmanship

We absolutely do not cut corners, ever, period. Our craftsmen produce excellent work because it's the right thing to do, regardless of whether the job is big or small. As a family owned business, we provide greater personal attention to detail.

A typical example is the practice of shape carving, a skilled art form we employ on all our 3D granite work. Time was when most monument companies offered this, but today Wommack Monument is one of only a handful that still practices the art.

Affordable Prices

There is a Wommack memorial for every budget. As Missouri's largest monument company, we enjoy the advantages of volume buying and the latest manufacturing techniques. Combined with time-proven craftsmanship, this results in the best products at the lowest possible prices.

Recommended By Cemetery Officials

Cemetery officials recommend us because they appreciate properly installed monuments - monuments that will not lean and become unsightly. Additionally, they know from experience that our workers will always respect and maintain a cemetery's sanctity and beauty.

Large Selection

Wommack Monument Company has the largest selection of monuments and markers in the state of Missouri. With thousands of designs available in a wide array of colors, plus custom artwork, you are sure to find the perfect memorial for your needs and budget. Our friendly and expert staff is always on hand to answer your questions and facilitate the decision-making process.

Complete Written Guarantees

To some customers, the fact that most monument companies don't offer any written guarantee comes as a surprise - and it should. We believe enough in the quality of our work to guarantee it, in writing, forever. This guarantee provides greater peace of mind and assurance that your memorial will be of the highest standards.
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